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A Sixties music canvas? Goovy Baby!

Swinging sixties launch

Yeah, baby, that’s right – after much demand, we’re finally going back to the Sixties with this month’s canvas for Say What You See: The Collection. ‘Swinging Sixties’ features 50 of the most popular bands and singers from the 1960’s, and we reckon you’re going to love it. Painted by the wonderful Aileen Raistrick, who also worked on ‘Chart Smashers’ and ‘Rock Bands’, it’s a psychedelic ¬†marvel!

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Aileen Raistrick

Aileen has been creating canvases for Say What You See since 2011, when she made her debut with ‘Chart Smashers’. She’s since created four more – ‘Musicals’, ‘Rock Music’, ’90’s Music’ and ’50 Years of Pop’.

Aileen Raistrick worked for over 9 years in children’s TV animation, after freelancing as a children’s book illustrator. She made the transition to wireless and computer games in 2000.

She currently create graphics for mobile games, producing concept art, game graphics and 2D animations for many published titles, including Say What You See.

You can check out more of her work here!

Martin Davey

Martin Davey, Illustrator

Martin Davey is one of the most prolific Say What You See artists, with over 13 canvases to his name, including Action Movies, Grace’s Toons, Countries and Sci Fi Movies. His first canvas was ‘Football’, back in 2011.

Martin has worked commercially for over 20 years in the animation/ advertising market.
His work depicts everyday subjects and situations, but with a twist. He tries to make the illustrations colorful and interesting to the viewer while telling a story, yet still keeping draftsmanship to a high level. Little details of interest and humor are often sprinkled in to the main narrative in the painting. Most of the work is sketched out and digitally painted in photoshop. Some elements are occasionally created in illustrator or built and animated in 3D.

Martin’s background is in production artwork and design for the animation film and TV industry. He also paints various subjects in oils/ acrylic paint on canvas for the fine art market. He is based on the south coast in the UK.

Check out more of Martin’s art here!