Press Release – 12/08/2010

Say What You See: Music Fest released for iPhone and iPod Touch – celebrities fail to comment.

DATE: 12th August 2010

After spending six months holding its breath, the world can breathe easy – Say What You See: Music Fest (, the brain-meltingly addictive rebus-based puzzle game for IPhone and iPod Touch has finally been released into the App Store.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Say What You See developers Big Ideas Corp somehow neglected to contact celebrities from the world of pop and rock for their reactions.

“I fookin’ love how this intensely addictive puzzle game combines the hide and seek mechanics of Where’s Waldo and the logical reasoning of Dingbats,” would Definitely, Maybe have been Ex-Oasis front man Noel Gallagher’s response if we had approached him for a comment.

“It’s like, a painted picture, right, but there’s band names hidden in it inside, like, clever puzzles and stuff,” is just one example of the sort of quote ‘Toxic’ singer Britney Spears may have given us if we had been allowed within 4 metres of her.

“It’s the Ace of Spades!” a Jack Daniels swigging Lemmy from Motörhead might have cried, had we tracked him down in a dingy LA bar.

“I know the iPhone game market is pretty crowded with other puzzle titles, but I can honestly say that this game doesn’t stand so close to them. Here’s my message in a bottle: It’s easily the greatest brain-teaser that’s ever been released on the format,” could have been the remarkable response from multiple Grammy Award winner Sting, if we’d interrupted his meditation for a statement.

Madonna, who we might have found strolling around in the English countryside, would have probably said something like: “While the Music Fest edition of Say What You See is focused on bands and pop artists, I’m looking forward to the other themed iCanvases that will be released in the coming months. Like the 80’s movies one – I’m sure Desperately Seeking Susan will be in there!” But she didn’t.

Sadly, Lady GaGa was unavailable for comment.

Yet despite celebrities having been strangely quiet on the subject of Say What You See: Music Fest, Big Ideas Corporation are sure that gaming fans of all ages will be a lot more vocal – particularly with its low starting price of $0.99/£0.59 for the premium version of the app, featuring 50 brain-teasing puzzles. The stripped down Lite version will be available shortly, at the even more affordable price of $0.00/£0.00.

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