Just Desserts canvas out now!

Just Desserts
After something tasty? Check out our new Just Desserts canvas, out now! 50 sickly puzzles dedicated to all your favourite puddings. Hope you enjoy it – it’s totally sweet! Don’t forget, you can play Say What You See for FREE in any of these places:

iPhone: www.tinyurl.com/swysapp2
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A Sixties music canvas? Goovy Baby!

Swinging sixties launch

Yeah, baby, that’s right – after much demand, we’re finally going back to the Sixties with this month’s canvas for Say What You See: The Collection. ‘Swinging Sixties’ features 50 of the most popular bands and singers from the 1960’s, and we reckon you’re going to love it. Painted by the wonderful Aileen Raistrick, who also worked on ‘Chart Smashers’ and ‘Rock Bands’, it’s a psychedelic  marvel!

Check out the new canvas in the Say What You See: The Collection app, or play on Facebook for free now!

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Download for your iPhone here! download for Android here!

Celebrate the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with our new app!


We’re very proud to announce our new game: Doctor Who: Say What You See! Featuring over 150 Doctor Who characters, gadgets, episode titles and monsters, this is the ultimate puzzle game for Doctor Who fans. And it’s FREE on iPhone, Android and Kindle if you download it now!

app store4 copy

We’ve been working on the game in secret for 18 months now, and are really proud of what we’ve managed to achieve working in partnership with BBC Worldwide. The artwork has been created by Ryan Firchau, an ex-Concept Artist for the game studio Rare (Who produced such gems as the Banjo Kazooee series, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and of course the classic Goldeneye), and it’s truly beautiful.

The game features three paintings, each with 50 Doctor Who-related puzzles. We’ve racked our brains to come up with the most cunning puzzles we’ve yet devised, and we know you’re going to love working through them.

You can visit Gallifrey, home of the Time Lords, take a trip to Totter’s Lane, where The Doctor first materialised, or even take a puzzling journey into the heart of the TARDIS itself!

app store3 copy

Of course, not everyone is a hardcore Doctor Who fan, and so we’ve added a Sonic Screwdriver function, which lets you scan the canvas for hidden hint coins, and a ‘Stuck’ button, which will reveal a handful of answers to get you started.

Doctor Who: Say What You See is out now!

Download links:
iOS: http://tinyurl.com/DoctorWhoiOS
Android: http://tinyurl.com/DoctorWhoAndroid
Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/DoctorWhoAmazon

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Fancy a drink? It’s Happy Hour!

happy hour

It’s that time of the month again for a brand new canvas for Say What You See! And to celebrate a scorching Summer, we’re opening up the bar, and asking you to name the 50 drinks we’ve turned into cryptic picture puzzles in our new ‘Happy Hour’ canvas.

‘Happy Hour’ has been painted by one of our longest serving artists, Martin Davey, and we’re sure you’ll be as drunk on his great work as we are!

In fact, why not turn it into a drinking game? Actually, don’t do that, you’ll be in A&E before you even get half-way though. Anyway, please download this brilliantly drunken new canvas in the Say What You See: The Collection app, or play on Facebook!

Check it out now!

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Download for your iPhone here! download for Android here!