Check out this great fan-made SWYS canvas!


Now we know you lot love Say What You See, but sometimes your devotion still manages to surprise even us. Today we received this photo from Say What You See fan Vicki Lomax-Cole. Her friend, Rebecca Brocklehurst  created this Say What You See canvas for her for Xmas. Themed around the US TV Drama ‘Gossip Girl’, this work of art caused jaws to drop throughout the office. Well done Rebecca, it’s a fantastic effort. Now how do we buy coins from you, so that we can get some hints? 😉

Anyone fancy trying to answer a few of these puzzles in the comments below?

And if you’ve created any Say What You See puzzles (or anything Say What You See related), send us a picture and we’ll put it up on the blog!

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  • Liz

    Last tango in Paris!

  • Ed

    Vanessa, Queen bee in top corner?

  • Rebecca Brocklehurst

    🙂 very impressed that my doodles have ended up here! Some pretty tenuous ones, I only managed to come up with 300! Clues were also included on the back 😉