In your Facebook! Now you can play SWYS on your computer!

Facebook release

Well it’s a big day for Say What You See today. Not only have we got a BRAND NEW canvas, the brilliant Supervillains (and you can read more about that here), we’ve also got a BRAND NEW game!

For the last year, we’ve bee toiling away creating the next phase of Say What You See, and it starts here today with the launch of Say What You See: The Facebook Collection! Now you can play Say What You See with your friends on Facebook. And if you’re one of the first 10,000 people to sign up, you’ll get 100 coins to play with for FREE! That’s 5 Free canvases (6 if you count the canvas that comes with the app).

Here’s some of the great new features you can expect in the Facebook version of the game.

An all new gallery!

Now you can see all your canvases at a glance – and even sort them by subject! So if you just like the TV canvases, you can just filter out everything else!

New gallery


Getting frustrated by a puzzle? Already unlocked all the hints? Or just want to go straight to the answer? Now you can, for 4 coins!


Sharing to earn coins!

Fed up of buying coins? Now you can share the game, canvases and even individual puzzles to earn extra coins! Earn in-game currency, just for telling your friends how much you like Say What You See!


You’ll earn 10 coins for sharing the game, 3 coins for sharing a canvas and one coin for every puzzle you share. When you also include the hidden coins that are also hidden on every canvas, that means lots of canvases for you for free!


It’s never been easier to compare scores with your friends! Just tap the score button to see how all your mates are doing. Will YOU be the Say What You See office champion?


Exclusive canvases! 

We’ll be releasing some Facebook only exclusive canvases when we reach certain amounts of users in the game. Get your friends playing and earn new canvases for yourself! The first exclusive canvas will be released when we hit 50k users!


We think it’s one of the best things we’ve ever made, and we hope you’ll agree. We’re going to be in Beta mode for the first few months while we work out a few kinks, but we reckon that by the time we’re finished, this will be THE way to play Say What You See.

But don’t just take our word for it – head over to the Say What You See Facebook page and try it out now for FREE!

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