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Archive for the ‘ Artist ’ Category

Amie Bolissian

Amie has created was the first artist on Say What You See, and she created 8 canvases for us – ’80’s Movies’, ’80’s Music’, ‘Blockbusters’, ‘Books 2 Film’, ‘Music Fest’, ‘Rom Coms’, ‘Scary Movies’, and ‘US TV Drama’.

The eldest of 9 children, Amie was born in Canada of Armenian and Anglo-Irish parents, brought up in East London and sent to Brazil after school to live with her father’s family, making her perpetually, but jovially, bemused by the complexities and surprises of life.

She studied painting at Central St.Martin’s and Chelsea School of Art and has spent the last 10 years trying to forget the whole experience. She has sold her paintings and drawings in various galleries and has been short-listed for the Creekside Open and Celeste Painting Prize.

She is married to Tom McRae, Mercury and Brit award-nominated singer-songwriter, and currently lives half the year in England and half in New York, but mainly out of a suitcase, which is not nearly big enough for her collection of pretty cardigans.

She once starred in a deodorant commercial but doesn’t like to talk about it.

Check out more of Amie’s art here!